Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bad Times - Good News

"Every summer, Himalayan villages empty as locals rush to the mountains of northern Nepal to harvest yarchagumba, a high-altitude wild fungus that is prized for its aphrodisiac qualities.

In recent years, however, the yield has been severely depleted by over-picking and the probable effects of climate change, experts have warned, prompting fears about the future of the "Himalayan Viagra" harvest.
This season's crop has been particularly poor, say the villagers who rely on the rare, parasitic fungus to earn money to feed their families.

Ophiocordyceps sinensis
"There are over 680 documented species of the sac fungus genus Ophiocordyceps, and one of the best known of these is Ophiocordyceps sinensis, colloquially known as caterpillar fungus. The fungus is known in Tibetan as yartsa gunbu or yatsa gunbu.

Caterpillar fungi are the result of a parasitic relationship between the fungus and the larva of the ghost moth genus Thitarodes, several species of which live on the Tibetan Plateau. The fungus germinates in living organisms (in some cases larvae), kills and mummifies the insect, and then the fungus grows from the body of the insect."

Year Price/kg (Yuan)
1980s 1,800
1997 8,400
2004 36,000
2005 40,00-60,000

"Neighbouring China has a huge appetite for the fungus, pushing prices above $11,500 per pound (450 grams) and putting its value somewhere between silver and gold."
On the good news front ... "Jesus Gabriel was born with a benign tumour that grew to cover the right side of his body from his armpit to his hip, the Associated Press reports.

At the time of surgery on June 14, the tumour weighed more than Jesus, who weighed just 12kg.
"Dr Hernandez said that the operation was the first time Mexican doctors have removed a tumour bigger than the person carrying it."

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Curis Resources Ltd - CUV.t - The Smoking Bloody Knife Gun

So we have scientific data directly from not only the Florence Copper project, but from other in-situ leach operations in AZ as well.

Critically important not only for the stunning conclusions, but because "base-line" background radiation is known for a certainty at the site.

There is NOTHING comparable to the extremely high concentrations of radiochemicals at the Florence Copper project.

Testing of the quartz monzonite in 1996 returned concentrations of radiochemicals FAR in excess of acceptable standards. (Table 18 page 49) (I cannot find concentrations higher anywhere else)

Sample Gross Alpha Gross Beta Total-U U-234 U-235 U-238 Ra-226 Ra-228 Rn-222
Leach Test
quartz monzonite

And the rock solid, take it to the bank, black and white conclusion of the experts at the EPA and ADEQ?

"These data indicate that the PLS produced from the Magma Florence in-situ projects contain very high levels of radionuclides and that they are leachable."

The general conclusion remains ... "The data show that dump leaching operations and solvent extraction-electrowinning procedures, as well as the practice of recycling raffinate at copper mines, may extract and concentrate soluble radioactive materials. The results show increases of up to two orders of magnitude over background levels for all radiochemicals tested except Rn-222."

On other fronts Curis Resources has, of course, gotten the personal information about the poster "ErinG" from Stockhouse. As stated before, the Stockhouse "braintrust" does not oppose these applications.

Technologically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials

TENORM to some REALLY geeky braintards and now Neer-Do-Wellians.

In a sentence?

At the reopened BHP Copper Pinto Valley operation in Pinal County AZ, where operations are IS (in situ) leach plus SX-EW (Solvent Extraction Electrowinning) processing oxidised and enriched porphyry copper ore, groundwater monitoring at the mine indicates that radioactive materials (TENORM) have leached into groundwater at concentrations above federal and state limits.
Hmmmmm. Now where have we heard this style of verbalization before ... of course a horse its the same process Curis Resources is gonna use on the same type of oxide copper ore.

Anybody needing a drink of water around there best wait a few thousand years.
Seems these Curis Resources types are a tad confused about the facts. "Modern in-situ copper recovery (ISCR) practices and technologies have been shown to fully protect the integrity and quality of groundwater resources."

First stop is the 26 page letter from ADEQ to Curis Resources on September 7, 2011.

Crash course on bureacratic mumbo jumbo required, along with copious time to attempt to figure out WTF is going on here exactly. Film at 11:00.

Here is the website of the opposition ...
We have accepted the McPhie Challenge and will FIND yon tiny needles buried in two very large haystacks ... the EPA and ADEQ.

What are we expecting to find? How about black and white evidence that virtually every word outta these boyo's turd holes since day 1 has been 100% pure bogus and this entire process a charade with no question whatever about the outcome? (all bad for holders of this paper)

What we have here is a letter to Florence city council on November 7, 2011 from attorneys representing the opposition.

Got some real major eye-openers in here, thats for bloody damn certain.
Where to begin?

"As the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) recently pointed out, BHP and its successors rinsed the pilot test mine block for 22 months and pumped the mine block for nearly six years, but still could not meet permit and regulatory standards for pH, total dissolved solids, sulfates, alumumina, copper, and manganese. Curis completely fails to explain how it plans to restore groundwater in less than two years, when BHP could not do it in six years for a pilot operation that was roughly 100 times less than what is proposed."

"In fact, BHP's test pilot exceeded permit limits and Arizona Aquifer Water Quality Standards (AAWQS) for radio chemicals and other parameters such as magnesium, fluoride and total dissolved solids."

"In the spring of 1998, after pilot testing was over, BHP encountered radiochemical concentrations that ADEQ considered high."

" ... the elevated radiochemical results did not cease once the mine's permits standards were loosened. Once again in 2001, laboratory analysis of groundwater samples revealed high radiochemical results. And again in 2003, groundwater sampling results revealed elevated total radium and radon 222 levels."

"A 2004 report from a previous site owner noted radiochemical exceedances for December 2003 monitoring well samples - four Aquifer Water Quality Standard exceedances for adjusted alpha and seven exceedances for total radium."

"... commenting that radiochemical levels in thee wells were above the federal maxium contamiant level for uranium and that levels had "actually increased signficantly from 2001 to 2003." According to the correspondence, EPA's review revealed nothing "that would explain that this increase is natual."
Its called radiometric ore (rock releases radiochemicals as it decays) and am I calling out these boyos as massive wicked crooked lying basterds, yet? Not quite.

A body needs to see the source material to be ABSOLUTELY SURE that what we are dealing with here is deliberate selective memory and not grotesque incompetence/advanced retardism.

I think we can say Mr. McPhie should spend one fuk of a lot more time on his material as he is more than slightly confused about water quality, laboratory analysis, permits, BHP test results and, gulp, radium and radon 222.

Radon ( /ˈreɪdɒn/ RAY-don) is a chemical element with the atomic number 86, and is represented by the symbol Rn. It is a radioactive, colorless, odorless, tasteless[1] noble gas, occurring naturally as the decay product of uranium or thorium. Its most stable isotope, 222Rn, has a half-life of 3.8 days. Radon is one of the densest substances that remains a gas under normal conditions. It is also the only gas that only has radioactive isotopes, and is considered a health hazard due to its radioactivity.

"As the radioactive gas of radon decays, it produces new radioactive elements called radon daughters or decay products. Radon daughters are solids and stick to surfaces such as dust particles in the air."

Radium ( /ˈreɪdiəm/ RAY-dee-əm) is a chemical element with atomic number 88, represented by the symbol Ra. Radium is an almost pure-white alkaline earth metal, but it readily oxidizes on exposure to air, becoming black in color. All isotopes of radium are highly radioactive, with the most stable isotope being radium-226, which has a half-life of 1601 years and decays into radon gas. Because of such instability, radium is luminescent, glowing a faint blue.

EPA sets the enforceable regulation, called a maximum contaminant level (MCL), as close to the health goals (the MCLG) as possible, considering cost, benefits and the ability of public water systems to detect and remove contaminants using suitable treatment technologies.
The regulations for radionuclides are in the table below.
(Adjusted) Gross Alpha EmittersZero15 picoCuries per liter
Beta Particle and Photon RadioactivityZero4 millirems per year
Radium 226 and Radium 228 (Combined)Zero5 picoCuries per liter
UraniumZero30 micrograms per liter
The National Primary Drinking Water Regulations for radionuclides became effective in 1977 and were last revised in 2000 to include uranium. The Safe Drinking Water Act requires EPA to periodically review the regulation for each contaminant and revise it, if appropriate. EPA will review the radionuclides regulation again in 2015 or sooner if important information becomes available.

NEWS : June 14, 2012

Nearly 200 Florence residents attended an open house regarding a Curis Resources permit application to begin pilot tests on Arizona state trust land for a heavily-debated in-situ copper mine project.

Jerry Smit, director of ADEQ’s aquifer protection program, gave a brief presentation about the nature of the application, which is still under review.

(Picture - Jarrell Southall of Brown and Caldwell talks with a mine opponent)

A body needs to be 9 parts water engineer and 2 parts rocket science guru to begin to absorb the majority of this material, and I doubt highly ANYBODY could make sense of it on one reading.

Those Venture types who are used to reading betwix the lines have a very slight edge here, but damn.

It is a 100% guaranteed FACT that the ADEQ operating permits were revoked. Not "updated" not "progessing" not "revised". EVERYTHING must be resubmitted and be current.

125 million cubic feet of sediments will be capped with soil and left. Thats 1387 olympic sized swimming pools worth.

Co intends to use impoundments for mine block closure rinsing and seems to have zero clue about the difference between a settlement pond and an evaporation pond.

There are an estimated 700 boreholes on the ground that need to be mapped, then a permit acquired before they can be capped, presumably with concrete. One assumes this must accur before any further activities.

The BPH test block STILL exceeds sulfate levels in many holes and those wells do not meet requirements for abandonment and may NEVER meet those requirements. (after 14 years and as a result of a 100 day test)

Water levels have declined in the test block and several holes are now dry. ADEQ wants an explanation why.

Curis Resources did not even know enough to seal the engineering materials in the application.

Curis Resources basically resubmitted the majority of the BHP material and claimed it as their own.

There is extensive testing required and in MANY areas.

Full data from the 1997 testing by BHP is incomplete.

There is a well for potable water within 1.2 miles of the property and others within 1.5 miles.

Whilst we applaud Mr. McPhie for pretending to have big enough manstones to answer to the avalanch of naysayers/witnesses to the limitless stupidity he is holding the bag for, his verbalistic horsechit stench is enough to knock a body clean over. ($ 275k per year plus 1,029,846 options)

Holy chit Mike, sheeple (most of em anyway) aren't nearly as stupid as you are assuming. And question Sir. What is the reason for your stunning ignorance about radioactive leaching and/or the 12 year old BHP tests that returned "exceedances" 8 to 12 times what they should have been?
Here we go ...

"We will manage our opponents going forward through whatever means we can and have always tried to take the high road in our dealings with the public."

Your opponents have valid concerns about their water, the same water that will remain long after this utter jokeshow presumably exhausts, in a few years, the copper on state lands and dissappears. The "high road" is not slaming square pegs in round holes on a hopeless project, and your opponents are not to be "managed" by complete fools peddling soon to be worthless paper.

"In the case we are pursuing, ErinG stated that our permit applications had been rejected when in reality we expect to receive our State and federal permits soon and any suggestions that they had been rejected are false and misleading."

Your OLD operating permits and everything behind them HAS been rejected (revoked) arsehole, and your lofty "expectations" are 100% meaningless when this Co is VERY clearly back at ground zero of the permitting process. ANY representation that production is imminent is a far greater falsehood and one suitable only for a misleading securities scumbag.

"Ultimately we will be judged by our ability to execute this development in a timely manner and hopefully this “noise” will soon become a memory."

You and this enterprise will be judged on the ability to follow the bloody damn rules governing mining in the USA like everybody else while telling the WHOLE truth to your stakeholders and the public. Your "noise" is the sound of the public who don't deserve to be deprived of due process and full disclosure by lying greedy immoral basterds.

"The campaign launched by these interests has led to a lot of misinformation and misunderstandings locally and in the investment community."

The misinformation and misunderstandings are coming directly from a Co that is quite clearly and obviously in SERIOUS trouble with it's flagship. Without a TIP there will NEVER be an in-situ copper removal operation. Period. The source for this critical information comes from "these interests" not this ridiculous Company


"ADEQ sent Curis a 25-page letter on Sept. 7 requesting more information or missing information to complete Curis’ request for an aquifer protection permit (APP). In all, the letter notes 81 “deficiencies,” plus “General Comments” and “Engineering Comments.”

"In December the Town Council, by a vote of 6-1, passed a resolution to “urge all federal, state and county agencies” who may have a role in granting permits to the Florence Copper Project to deny it."

So a stupid retard is what an ultra stupid flaming insulting retard does and is it possible for gentle public types to accept the fact this ridiculous enterprise is suing (with stakeholder money don't be ridiculous) because the nonsense on Stockhouse was solely (and maliciously ahuck) responsible for a 27% drop in share price?

"Michael McPhie is a senior mining executive with more than 20 years of international operational and project development experience."

So what does a body get exactly for this particular brand of "management"?

Russell Hallbauer
"Curis Resources Ltd. has filed a lawsuit in the Supreme Court of British Columbia against Stockhouse user "erinG" over posts that the company sees as "defamatory and injuriously false." The posts stated that Curis had been unable to obtain an environmental permit for its flagship Florence copper project in Arizona, and that management had failed to report the rejection. The posts contributed to a drop of as much as 27 per cent in the company's price, according to the suit.
There has been a steady march of idiots to the BCSC to learn the identities of posters on Stockhouse ... and 100% of those applications are unopposed by Stockhouse.

THIS TIME the supposably hard done by Co is whistling out its dopey arse while insulting the public with a grotesque abuse of the BCSC court process. I would NEVER invest a single nickle with a "management" so clearly (and we do mean CLEARLY) out to fukkin lunch.
In near conclusion I offer up for your consideration the succinct and heartfelt thoughts of the humble scribe Otto Man at Incakola ...


Yes lawyer-types and "management" of Curis, seriously, go fuk yourselves and yes indeed add ANOTHER name to that list.


So what, pray tell, is motivating these boyos?

Very probably the strong and organized local effort to stop this Co from developing an in-situ copper removal process that poses a significant risk to their water table. (Published: Thursday, February 2, 2012)

"Curis Resources has asked the state to put its permit applications on hold while it applies to conduct pilot testing on only the state land section of the Florence Copper Project.

The company said in a December letter this temporary testing will give it the data it needs to respond to the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality’s (ADEQ) Sept. 7, 2011 letter requesting a long list of what the state says is missing or incomplete information from Curis."
The Dec. 20 letter from Curis to the ADEQ seems to confirm a verbal understanding between the parties that Curis will seek this pilot testing for this reason.

The opposition group Protect Our Water Our Future (POWOF) is charging that Curis’ need to do this testing belies its previous assurances that the Florence Copper Project has been shown to be safe.

“This new strategy is a significant setback and deviation from Curis’original plan, and is a direct
contradiction to many previous statements made regarding safety of the
mine and the historical testing that backs that assertion,” POWOF said in a prepared statement."
In November, the Florence Town Council unanimously voted against the Florence Copper Project by rejecting a major amendment to the town’s General Plan necessary for the project to operate in town.

But the Florence Copper Project includes a 160-acre rectangle of state land outside the town’s jurisdiction. POWOF challenges Curis’ ability to make a commercially viable operation on the state land parcel alone. But Johnson said it can be done.

“Yes, Florence Copper can be operated profitably on the state land parcel for a number of years. Slightly less than half of the estimated 2.8 billion pound copper deposit is located on the 160 acre state land parcel."


Lets try this senario on for size. Boyo's flagship ground has almost certainly been summarily and permanently halved in size even IF (big IF) the bloody project somehow gets a permit.

Stockhouse poster, if not stating the very obvious, has nailed the latest regulatory decision bang-on ... the one that points out this wicked horrid white elephant is NEVER gonna fly in this lifetime.

And why is that open thinking sooooooooo verbotten right now? How about because confirmed repulsive mercenary Red Kite has already been tapped for $ 40m.


News : June 7, 2012

"The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality announced it will hold a public information meeting from 6-7:30 p.m. Wednesday, June 13 at the Florence High School gym, 1001 S. Main St., regarding Curis Resources’ application for a “Temporary Individual Aquifer Protection Permit” (TIP) for a test run of the Florence Copper Project.

ADEQ is currently reviewing this application but has not yet issued a decision on whether to grant the TIP.

This meeting is for informational purposes only and is not a forum for public comment. ADEQ will hold a formal public hearing to receive comments on the TIP at a later date."

Personal Upshot? If Co fails to land the TIP this deal is effectively finished, a fact known all too well by this "management".


Butt, whats this from May 14, 2012?

"Curis anticipates beginning construction of the phase 1 in-situ copper recovery well field and SX/EW plant in the third quarter, with initial copper cathode production slated for early 2013."

Utter and complete horsechit from start to finish is what this verbose and insulting NR is. NO WAY in hellsky this enterprise can claim a timetable for production when even the permit to conduct necessary testing might be denied. Further, the EPA is no cakewalk and that process has been known to take 18 months.

One wonders mightily if a similar brand of breathlessly massaged turdmongering was spoonfed into eager Red Kite gullet.